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Lost Or Stolen Key Replacement

If you lose your keys our auto locksmith will come out to you quickly. He’ll supply new keys and set these up for you, wherever you are. As well as doing the keys, he’ll also set up your remote controllers.We can then reprogram your vehicle’s ECU so that if someone’s stolen your old keys or controller, they can’t be used to access the vehicle.

Broken Key Repair Or Replacement

If you’ve broken your ignition key, door key or even your fuel tank cover key (even if part of it has snapped off in the lock), or lost your key, we can come out to you and make you a new one. If it has snapped in the lock, we’ll get the broken part out for you, so you can go on your way with your replacement. Your new key can either be identical to the old one, or a newly programmed key, for which we’ll then program the ECU (after which any other old keys to the vehicle will no longer work.)

Spare Keys / Key Duplication

If you suddenly need an extra key to your car, we can make it for you. We can copy and program one or more duplicate keys for you, or we can make you a completely new set of remote keys and immobiliser keys and reprogram the ECU so that any previous keys will no longer open the vehicle.

Broken key stuck in your lock

If you’ve got part of a broken key stuck in any of your car’s locks, we’ll get it out for you. (And if you need a replacement key, we’ll make it for you.

Vehicle Entry

Have you ever left your keys in the ignition or shut the boot with your keys inside and found yourself locked out of your car? Maybe your vehicle has been off the road and you find yourself locked out due to a flat battery? Our locksmiths will gain access to your car without causing any damage and get you back driving quickly and efficiently.

Damaged Locks And Ignition Repairs

We can replace or re-wafer damaged ignition barrels and door locks on your vehicle.

Central Locking Remote Control Programming

Having problems with the remote control facility on your keys not operating the central locking on your vehicle? We can resolve these problems by reprogramming or replacing the remote controls using the latest technology and equipment.

Diagnostic Fault Finding, ECU Programming And Immobiliser Work

We can undertake work on the vehicles’ ECU Electronic Control Unit which is the core of the engine management system. We can resolve immobiliser problems and also undertake diagnostic fault finding.

Ford Diesel Pumps Reprogrammed

Have you had a new pump fitted? We can reprogram the pump at the roadside to enable the vehicle to start.

Emergency Key Replacement

Operating 7 days a week, AV Autos can assist you in an emergency. In the event that you have lost your van or car keys or had them stolen we will come out to you and get you back on the road. AV Auto Locks cover all of the South East including London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and surrounding areas. If you require urgent assistance with your lost, stolen or broken keys then contact us for a competitive quote by telephone, email or by completing the form on the right.

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