Car Key Cutting For All Makes - Anywhere in South London

If you need a new car key cut, whatever the reason, we're here for you. We can send a mobile auto locksmith in one of our fully equipped mobile car key cutting workshop, to anywhere in South London, usually within an hour.

They can cut, and program the transponder chip for keys for just about any model of any make of car.

Do we cut keys for Ford? Sure? Vauxhall? Yep? BMW? Audi? VW? Peugot? Renault? LandRover? Mercedes? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Fast, Low Cost Car Key Cutting

Replacement or additional car keys don't just require cutting. They need the transponder chip built into the key to be programmed so that when inserted into the ignition they car key will communicate with your car's immobiliser and deactivate it.

That's why you can't simply have a new car key cut in a locksmiths.

When you call us, we come out to you, supply you with one or more new 'side cut' or 'laser cut keys' (these are the two types of keys in use on almost all modern cars), and then we program the keys to work with your car. We do this using diagnostic equipment that lets us read the transponder code from the car itself.

So even if you had no existing car key - if you'd lost yours, for example and had no duplicate - we'd be able to cut and program new keys for you.

Cutting New Keys to Replace a Snapped Key

Sometimes, a car key can snap (especially if you've been using them to open cans of paint or for some use other than starting your car. Advice - don't use your car keys for anything else!).

Very often, keys snap inside the barrel of either the door or ignition lock. Don't panic, and don't start trying to dig out the broken piece yourself. (It's no use, anyway, if the key has snapped.)

Call Mirolocks and we'll get one of our specialist mobile auto locksmiths to you.

We'll extract the broken piece of the key from your lock and we'll cut a new key for you. We don't need the broken piece to do this, so even if it's broken right across the teeth, we'll still be able to make you a new one.

Once we've made the new key, we'll program the transponder chip for you. Your new key will open your doors, turn off and set your alarm and start your car exactly as your broken key did.

Need Car Keys Cut? Call us now.

Give us a call now and we'll dispatch one of our mobile auto locksmiths to you. A high quality service for a low cost.